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The Yearbook Store (General Book Covers) offers great products to assist with elementary school, middle school, and high school fundraisers.

With our program you can earn profits ranging from 80% to 300%.

Products for fundraisers include:

• Plastic Yearbook Covers
• Plastic Textbook Covers
• Autograph Section Inserts for Yearbooks
• Photo Pockets for Yearbooks
• Engraved Nameplates for Yearbooks

Plastic Yearbook Covers
Raise money by selling a product useful to all students - plastic yearbook covers. These covers provide years of protection against soil and wear while allowing your unique yearbook cover to shine through.

Three sizes are available with adjustable fit to accommodate any number of pages. Three styles are available to protect all types of yearbooks including standard hardback, padded, and paperback.

Plastic Textbook Covers
Custom made textbook covers are also available to assist you in raising money. All books can be protected while allowing you to see their covers.

Autograph Section Inserts
Easy to sell and very profitable are the autograph section inserts. These attach to the yearbook with a pressure sensitive adhesive strip to provide plenty of space for friends' autographs and notes that will be read over and over, both now and long after high school is over.

Engraved Nameplates
Your school can also make money quickly and easily by selling engraved nameplates. These come in a variety of colors and typeface styles and provide a unique way for students to personalize their elementary school, middle school, or high school yearbooks.

Expected Profits
Plastic covers and autograph sections can be easily resold for up to $2.50 allowing you a profit margin of up to 300%.
Engraved nameplates with one line of personalization can be resold for $5.00. This provides a profit margin of 82%.

Call us now for more information and free samples. See how easy it can be to generate the funds you need for your high school or other organization (1-800-576-8226).


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